Our Services

 We visit and care for your pets in your home according to the schedule you request.


                                                Free Get Acquainted Visits 



We visit you and your pets in advance of your trip.  All necessary information such as feeding , exercise schedules, emergency numbers and pet habits are noted.  Service is set up by contract. 



                                                   Mid-Day Dog Walks


                 We offer dog walking between the hours of 11AM and 2PM


                                            Vacations/Business Trips


Mature dogs we usually visit twice per day.  Between 6am and 9am and after 5PM. We feed water and exercise. And give lots of love an attention

For younger dogs, geriatric dogs or special needs dogs we visit more often.  We also give medications/injections  and take trips to the vet.

For cats we usually visit once per day.  We feed, water, clean boxes and give lots of love and attention.  Occasionally we visit cats twice per day for medical or dietary needs. 

For birds we come twice per day.  We feed, water, clean cages, cover and uncover cages.

Fish are fed once per day. Smaller mammals are visited once per day.

Farm animals/ cows, horses, sheep, goats, lamas and chickens/ducks are fed and exercised according to owner schedule and instructions.

Breeders with multipal pets are visited as per owner instruction


At every house the mail is collected, lights are turned on/ off, plants are watered, house is given that lived-in look and a security walk thru is conducted daily.